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MMS Sports Directions


Thanks to all Student-Athletes and congratulations to our 2017 8th grade class.

The school year has come to an end and MMS sports have finished. We are very proud of all of our athletes who participated in the many different sports this past school year. Our 2017 8th grade class was a very successful class in many different arenas and will be greatly missed here at MMS.


Stay tuned for information coming out on 2018 Fall sports in August! 



2017-18 Sports 

Click on the chart below to view a complete list of the sports offered at MMS this school year and contact information for the MMS coaches.

2017-18 Schedules 

Below are links to team schedules for the current sports season:

Below are links to team schedules that are not currently in season:



athletic director

phil dorjath

P: (630) 858 - 4296 ext. 6237


athletic director

Chris Rzemieniecki

P: (630) 858-4296 ext. 6507